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STATUS is a powerful software application developed in a powerfull operatings system, Visual Objects, that provides a fast and stable application in a Windows 32 platform. Users can build their own maintenance schedules.  These schedules will cater for the different types of maintenance scheduling found on aircraft maintenance.  This program started off as a Dos program and was recently changed to a full Windows program, due to pressure from the large number of maintenance companies using the application for the past eight years.  This opportunity was then used to build in additional functionality to this already popular program.

Aircraft are entered into the database with the different components as child files to these aircraft entries .  The program is not specific to the type of aircraft and can be used for fixed wing, helicopters or any other type.  The different main components on the aircraft can be linked to the aircraft to keep track of the maintenance schedules. Components can be the engines, fuselage or any individual component that the user wants to link to the specific aircraft, but is normally only major components.

A maintenance schedule is generated for each type of component that can be linked to the aircraft.  This schedule contains the various maintenance items with the standard maintenance period.  The item period can be a number of different types including: date, hours, cycles or once-off bulletins.  Once a component is linked to the maintenance schedule current overhaul and maintenance information must be captured as a base line for scheduling future maintenance as based on the maintenance schedule for the components.

With this information on hand, it is very easy to keep track of future maintenance requirements on the aircraft.  Valuable reports can be generated to show the current status of all items in a maintenance schedule and the items that will be due shortly.  These reports assist owners to schedule maintenance time and budgets

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The AvData WinStatus program is a good faith effort by AvData Software to track and trace the maintenance history of a particular Aircraft or Engine.  "However this listing may not be represented as 100% accurate or all inclusive and the legal onus for such maintenance remains with the Owner/Operator in terms of CAR's

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