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AMS Backup utility features

Our Aircraft Maintenance Systems (AMS) backup utility is normally used as a scheduled task that will automatically generate a backup archive and upload this to a remote FTP server. This explained in this link.  This publication deals with the program features that will assist users to manage the archives and restore data.

Utility usage

The lasest version of the backup utility can be downloaded free of charge from the server on this link.  When the program is executed from the menu option or from the Desktop icon, users can get detailed information on previous backup archives on a tree view display.


Note that the Summary section gives the latest backup information, to give users a quick overview if backups are generated as expected.  If users open the Archive section, information is displayed on the history of backup archives.


The screen above shows a backup that is available on the local backup directory as well as on the remote FTP directory.  Additional options are available if users double click on the branch menu options.  In this example users can test the archive by double clicking on the “File Name” option.  WinRAR will test the archive on the local backup directory and report any errors found in the archive.  Once the test is complete users will have the prompt to restore the backup archive.  Please be carefull as this will overwrite the existing data.  It is recommended to make a backup of the current corrupt data before an older archive is restored.  The other options available on this window is to upload the local archive to the FTP server or download the archive to the local directory.  Note that archives can only be restored from the local backup directory and not directly from the FTP server.


This next artchive example shows a backup archive that is not on the FTP server, but only on the local backup directory.  Users can use this branch menu option to test & restore the archive or to upload the archive to the FTP server.


Please note that this utility must be installed on a PC previously loaded with the main AMS program.  Many of these features are only available together with the use of the 3rd party WinRAR program.


Although we have tested this utility throroughly and might assist with the implementation of the utility, users must regularly verify that the backup and restore utility program works as expected in their unique environments.  This is important as Aviation Databases can not assume any responsibility for the correct functioning of this utility tool.

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