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AMS Minor Update October 2020

Avdex will release a minor update on October 24th.  Various minor changes were implemented to improve the user experience.  

  • Purchase Orders
    • Purchase order page has been redone. Page will now show the status of all line items. If the line item is linked to a task card, there will be a link to the task card next to the Line Item.
    • The empty filter error on non-existing PO’s has been improved
    • Due to misuse of the PO Undo function, this function has been tailored to be accessible to management users only.  Access must be set on the user access page, via the role: poUndo
    • New PO will use the currency linked to supplier if currency is not selected on PO.  Creating a new GRV, will default to the PO currency.  This can later be edited, as long as all invoices on a GRV are in the same currency.
    • Suppliers Info on a Services PO will be displayed on the PO.
    • The Work Pack number, Task ID, Aircraft registration and Aircraft serial number will be displayed on Services PO’s.
  • Work Pack
    • The next inspection date will take the Work Pack authorisation date minus one day.
    • Default settings for Task Card action and Manual has been corrected for new task cards.
    • On the Task card page, the Maintenance manual will now have the revision date next to the revision number in the Maintenance Manual Reference drop down.
    • WP Number and Task Card ID added to Timesheet Summary. This report is accessible via the Personnel file.
    • Electronic Task Printout has been changed to show only relevant information.
  • Time sheet
    • When capturing time sheets manually and the user attempts to book more than 23:59 hours, a notification will appear to alert the user.
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