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AMS VAT Management

The topic of VAT management comes up regularly in AMS training.  As AMS is not designed as an accounting program, all transactions in AMS should be exclusive of VAT.  The VAT component should be managed on the accounting side.  It is however true that there is a close link between AMS and the accounting requirements of AMS.  The supplier invoices (GRV in AMS) are linked to the accounting system and will normally be first be captured in AMS.  Shipment cost invoices are similar, as these could also contain a VAT component.  Shipment VAT is even more complicated as it could be a value not related to the shipment total.

To assist users to cross check and for completeness, we have added VAT fields to the GRV and Shipment records.  All the values captured should still be VAT exclusive as before.  The VAT values recorded on these records are not used as part of any cost calculation.  These are purely used for reference and completeness.  Users can decide if they want to use these VAT fields, as it has no influence on any calculation.  Users that export GRV and Shipment costs for import into an accounting program, should however enter VAT values to ensure the exported information, matches the source documents.

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