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AMS III Work Pack Selling Factors

New Functionality

A new functionality has been introduced into AMS III to easily adjust Work Pack selling prices.  This new functionality give users the option to override the normal markup and handling fees as defined in the program parameters.  Selling price calculation is described in the help files.


The agreement reached with a client or the specific conditions related to a Work Pack might require a different approach to setting selling prices.  In these situations, the normal markup method might not be sufficient.   This new functionality is designed to set a fixed markup based on the actual cost of the various input costs.  To ensure maximum flexibility, users can differentiate markups between; labour, parts and services.


The Work Pack page now has three new fields to set the factors for labour, parts and services respectively.  These factors are zero by default.  A zero factor will use the normal selling price calculations as defined in AMS III.  Editing these factors to any value other than zero, will set selling prices to actual cost x factor.  Note that a factor less than 1 will result in a selling price below cost.  Adjusting individual part selling prices on a Work Pack will have no effect if the part factor is not zero and the Work Pack is recalculated. To de-activate a factor on a Work Pack, simply set the factor to zero and recalculate.


Note that parts selling calculation with a factor will be based on the landed cost.  If the part was received in a different currency, the cost will remain on the exchange rate when the part was received.  In addition, note that different batches of the same part number will have different selling price due to differing landed cost.

Default Behavior

The factors described above are used to override the default selling price calculations.  These defaults are the preferred behavior as it not an overall adjustment.  In addition to the labour cost and selling values, users can specify different time sheet types, which makes this a very flexible tool for fine tuning selling prices.

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