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AVDEX have released a major upgrade to AMS to comply with new SACAA and Botswana CAA requirements.  The latest AMS version is 2.285.112. Users may check the currently installed version in ‘Help – About’.  These include changes made to the SACAA CA 43-02/03 forms as well as updated task-card, task-card index and Certificate of Release to Service reports produced within Avdex AMS.  CRMA Engine times since new or overhaul have also been improved.

The upgrade may be downloaded from within AMS by going to ‘Housekeeping – Config Options – Company’ and selecting ‘Download Update’ and ‘Download Reports’.

All users should be logged out of AMS!  Using Windows Explorer, go to Q:\Data\SetAMS and double click on the SetupReports.Exe file to unpack the upgraded report templates.  This only needs to be done once.
Double click on the SetAMS.Exe file to install the AMS upgrade on the local PC.  When complete, launch AMS.  If required, upgrade the file structures if prompted and re index.

Users will be prompted to upgrade as they login.

For assistance, call the AVDEX office.

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