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AVDEX Release AMS Upgrade v2.298.115

AVDEX have released an upgrade to the popular AMS program.  In keeping up to date with CAA requirements as well as leading the industry with innovative functions, AVDEX strive to provide AMO’s with ways of administering their business more efficiently.

AVDEX have completed the development of a fully functioning Task Card system for AMS.  To enable AMS to be integrated with AMP, AVDEX created full page Task Cards in AMS, which are identical to the Task Card produced in AMP.  These can be tasks imported from AMP as well as regular recurring tasks from the AMS Template function and task cards for defects raised during a routine inspection.  To track the task cards released into an AMO workshop, AVDEX have created an index of released task cards and added a function to allow flagging of these tasks as they are completed and the card is returned to the admin office.  As an additional aid to job and task administration, a new Open Job list is available with all tasks linked to the job showing the completed flag.

The upgrade is available for download from within the AMS program by going to ‘Housekeeping – Config Options – Company’ and selecting the ‘Download Update’ and ‘Download Reports’ buttons.

See AMS T&T T2003R27

For assistance, call the AVDEX office.

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