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Avdex report export formats

We have recently noticed that a relatively large number of clients are exporting AMS and AMP reports into a Word or Excel format.  Our intention with this feature was to assist where reports have to be incorporated in other reporting to be done by the AMO.

The extent of this practice is a concern to us as this functionality can also be used to manipulate reports to differ from the official records.  Avdex has implemented a number of safeguards in AMSlll to guarantee the program integrity and traceability.  Editing or altering documentation opens a potential to bypass these safeguards as the Word and Excel export functionality is open to all users regardless of their access level.  This poses the risk that management will not be aware of discrepancies introduced into the system.

Avdex is looking into options to reduce this risk by restricting the use of exporting to Word and Excel. As this may affect the current workflow of some users, we invite comments from users and management as to why this export functionality to Word or Excel is necessary.

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