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AVDEX visit to Windhoek

An AVDEX team spent the week in Windhoek, conducting refresher training for AMS and AMP clients in the capital of Namibia.  Highly successful training sessions were conducted and clients brought up to speed with the latest versions of the AVDEX software as well as a preview of the upcoming AMS v3, which is in development.


AVDEX is providing the maintenance tracking for the Westair Wings fleet and will add the newest acquisitions, three Beech 350’s which are about to enter service with the operator, to the AMP tracking system.  Two are currently being repainted and upholstered prior to being placed in service, while the third will arrive shortly after maintenance in Germany.  The task now is to capture all the current maintenance records to enable Westair Wings to accurately track future maintenance.  Westair Wings also use the AVDEX AMS software to manage the in-house AMO.


Desert Air, a successful Namibian tourist charter operator has now completed the transition to full digital workshop management and maintenance tracking with AVDEX software.


Aviation Centre have come up to speed with AMS and AVDEX is assisting in fully implementing  AMS  in the general aviation division of the AMO.


Westair Maintenance continues with its ten year association with AVDEX, using our AMS and AMP software to manage this growing aviation enterprise.

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