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Engineering Orders

Engineering Orders


Avdex have noticed a number of clients changing compliance times for scheduled tasks from those specified in the Manufacturers publications to operator’s requirements in the Approved Maintenance Plans.  These are changed due to operator experience or regional conditions.  While Avdex support these changes, they prove to be difficult to incorporate into the generic Manufacturers publications in the Avdex AMP Schedules.

In order to accommodate these variances, Avdex have encouraged the use of ‘Engineering Orders’ by clients.  Engineering Orders are widely used in the aviation industry to specify in-house programs and procedures.  An Engineering Order becomes a formal operator document to enable and approve changes to be made to the Approved Maintenance Plan or provide additional procedures.  This then lays out a traceable trail for the approval of these changes and procedures.  Engineering Orders can also specify substantiating documents that are used to make the changes.  These may include Foreign AD’s which may have a bearing on the task and which is not necessarily enforceable, but desirable.

Avdex will build, on request, client specific EO schedules to apply and track the changes specified by the EO’s so as to comply with the applicable Approved Maintenance Plan.  Avdex have sample templates to aid clients in setting up Engineering Orders.

Call Tania at +27 73 454 7809 for further information and assistance.

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