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Hosting of Aircraft Register terminated


Avdex hosted the South African aircraft register on the internet for many years.  This service was provided as a free service with basic information of the South African aircraft register.  A subscription service was also available to users requiring additional register information.

The hosting service started on request of the SACAA as they realized that there was a requirement by the public to make this information available on a user friendly platform.

During this period many users started to depend on the online register for various day to day tasks, required for their business to operate.  The register was also a popular tool for the aviation entusiasts looking for specific aircraft information.  Users of the database sent their aircraft photos to be added to the register and we had compiled a database of over a 2500 photos of South African aircraft.  We will find a way to make these again available to the public..

Unfotunately we were recently instructed by the CAA to suspend this hosting service and we had to shut the web site down with only 7 days notice.  We apologize to the users of the register web page as we enjoyed the interaction with owners and enthusiasts.

The SACAA has made an alternative link avalable on their site where users can try to access the information required: Click Here


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