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Index key file IDK

AMS uses a dBase file system.  The speed of this system depends on the accurate index files.  The default index file system used in AMS are CDX files due to their robust nature and flexible application capabilities.  The dBase system is fairly robust and faster than most other flat file systems.  The nature of the implementation of the shared client server processing makes the file system subject to corruption when power failures or network interruptions are experienced during operation.

AMS has been designed with an additional safety element.  This system simply keeps the last record ID in a Ascii file with an IDK extension.  When new records are added the new ID’s are checked against the ID stored in the Ascii file.  This simple method provides additional safety as it is immediately clear when an index file is potentially corrupt.

imageIDK files are created from the normal data re-index window.  Simply check the “Use IDK Reference” on the re-index window.  This will create the IDK files during re-indexing.  This will be the default as long as IDK files are found in the data directory.  Un-tick this check box to delete all the IDK files during the next re-indexing and the program will operate without this feature.

The IDK file system is an additional check that could assist with early detection of corrupt indexes and will in no way change the operation of the program.  These files can therefore be deleted at any time and it is not required to back them up as they can be generated during indexing.

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