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New Westair Embraer 145

AMOID12Avdex is proud to announce that we have been awarded the contract for tracking all the maintenance requirements on Westair Namibia’s latest acquisition, an Embraer 145 with our AMP tracking system.

Westair is one of Namibia’s largest aviation groups serving the mining industry, offshore oil and gas industry, governments, the government of the Republic of Namibia, travel and tourism sectors.

Avdex has a long history of co-operation with Westair, supporting their AMO with our AMS workshop software and AMP online maintenance tracking.

V5_WINThe acquisition of the Embraer 145 is a big mile stone for Westair and adds the third 145 for Avdex to the AMP system.

Other aircraft tracked for Westair include all the Cessna aircraft in their fleet as well as third party client aircraft.

Avdex AMP currently has maintenance schedules for most general aviation aircraft operating in Africa and are happy to compile new ones to clients specifications at very competitive rates.

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