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Requisition Functionality Expanded

Avdex added additional functionality to the  requisition section of the program.  This will allow easier communications between the engineers and stores.  New report functionality can also be used to control the movement from parts between the store and the engineer responsible for a specific work pack task.  The description below describes the new functionality.


The requisition system is implemented to assist with the communication between the stores and the engineer.  An engineer can request a part for a specific Task on a Work Pack.  This will alert Stores to check if the part is in stock or to order the part for the specific Work pack as requested by the engineer.

Requisition reports show the task responsible technician name as well as the name of the person that generated a requisition.

Creating a requisition

The first step is for the responsible engineer or person assigned to generate requisitions to request parts for a specific Work Pack task.  The engineer must select the Part, Task, and quantity required from the Requisitions page on the Stores main menu option.  Once requested, the engineer can see on the requisitions page for the task, what stock is available, and if any parts were issued.

Requisition reporting

Stores can print a report of parts required and either issue the part or order the parts.  This report can be obtained from the Requisition Page, A report of active requisitions are available on the requisitions page.  To get a Work pack or Parts specific report, generate these from the Work Pack page or Parts page.

Parts Issued

Parts in stock can be issued via the normal Parts Issued interface.  The reminder email sent to stores contains a hotlink that will allow the direct opening of the Parts Issue page.  Parts can also be issued directly from the requisition page by users with the correct access level.  Parts not in stock will first have to be ordered.

Follow up

A report is available of all parts issued to requisitions linked to a specific technician from the personnel page.  These reports will be filtered on the Work Pack Task responsible person.  This will allow engineers to see which parts were recently issued to their tasks.  A report is also available from the requisition page that will show all requisitions due. All reports show relevant quantities to include quantities required, issued, in stock, and on order.

Email notification

Users can opt in to receive requisition notification.  This would normally be enabled by stores staff.  The email list all the relevant requisition information and has a “hotlink” that will open the Parts Issue page in AMS.

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