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Avdex Server Upgrade

Upgraded Server

Avdex is busy upgrading our hosting network structure.  A new dedicated server and domain have been implemented, which will allow Avdex to provide a powerful interface that will ensure better future expansions.  These changes do not require any immediate action by users, as all the familiar web sites are still available.  The domain name * has been procured and deployed on a new dedicated server.  This will become the main server for all our activities.

Implication for users

Our recommendation is to start using the new server.  The new access URL’s are:

  1. AMP User interface –
  2. AMS User interface –

The immediate change will be that all emails sent from all the servers will be submitted from an email: . Unfortunately, these emails might now be flagged as Junk mail, depending on user email preferences.  Users subscribed for updates, will get two copies of this news article.  One will be from  Please check in the junk mail for this 2nd copy. Right click on the email in the Junk folder and select: “Never block sender’s domain” to prevent this from happening in future.

The existing interfaces are still live and will be phased out over time, as users move to the new server.  Our Backup server, has also been upgraded and is now providing a much quicker response to users.  If you are on the new sites, remember to allow pop-ups, when you first print a report.  A warning about pop-ups might appear in the browser address bar.

Full URL overview

Below is a summary of the current URL references.

Program Interface

Main URL

Backup URL

Phase out

AMP User interfacehttps://amp.avdex.net
AMS User interfacehttps://ams.avdex.net
AMS Toolmanager


Please report any problems during this period, to assist Avdex in providing the best possible user interface.

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