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Use of lock down time

During this time of forced inactivity during the lock down, Avdex encourage clients the use of the down time to carry out housekeeping within the company with special attention to data integrity;


This is a useful time to carry out checks of the AMS 32 and AMSlll data and clean up databases

  • Check all old and open jobs/workpacks and close those that should not be open
  • Check old or open Purchase orders and correct if they will not be delivered. Call Avdex if assistance is needed
  • Check accuracy of stock and correct the AMS data. Call Avdex for help in correcting stock surpluses and shrinkage
  • Check accuracy of Supplier and Client details
  • Check for duplicate part numbers


  • Check accuracy of class one components linked to registrations
  • Check accuracy of Aircraft flight times and relevant component TSN or TSO
  • Carry out spot checks on task compliance times on aircraft
  • Carry out spot checks on installed serial numbers captured to the database
  • Carry out forecasts to highlight any major work that will come up due with the view of scheduling compliance
  • Add Aircraft to the AMP scheduling process

Avdex can carry out verification checks on aircraft for clients and make recommendations for a small fee.

Stay safe and make productive use of the downtime.

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