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AMP Web Site make-over

Your feedback on the AMP user interface enabled us to improve the user interface for our users. The new interface is now live and we would like to get your feedback. We are excited about the new format as we have been working on the interface for the last couple of weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

The site layout is still the same, but we have incorporated the following improvements:

  1. We have changed the hosted server to a more modern and powerful server and added a second domain.
  2. Each site now has a SSL certificate which allow access on https, which are more secure.
  3. Page refreshing time has dramatically been improved as we have changed the page update structure significantly.
  4. Aircraft sections remain active between window. This improves the user experience as users will normally work on the same aircraft between multiple windows.
  5. Reports will now open on a second window tab, which will allow you to open more than one report or continue working while a report is loading in the background.
  6. Report processing time has been reduced as we have streamlined the amount of data transferred especially on longer reports.

We have also added a dashboard feature on the home page. This will display interesting information about AMP and specific status information to give a quick overview of the aircraft linked to a user login.

The dashboard shows user specific information related to AMP Renewal dates, aircraft usage capturing and aircraft when last maintenance was captured on aircraft components. The existing domain: is still functional, but a second site has been added: Click here to visit the new site now.

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