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Avdex have again improved the AMP on-line maintenance tracking site by adding related documents to scheduled tasks.  AMP provides a complete, objective and independent aircraft maintenance tracking solution for aircraft owners and operators in order that they may comply with the Civil Aviation Regulations for the maintenance of their aircraft.

Avdex have now added document links to tracked tasks to allow AMO’s to access the original source documents faster and simpler. Avdex monitor all the publications for base line schedules built for client aircraft types.  The relevant document or listing is then linked to a task to allow viewing or downloading, giving the AMO immediate access to the source document. If a maintenance document, SB or AD is issued or revised, the base line schedule is amended and the source document is linked to the task item.

AMP Web Site make-over

Your feedback on the AMP user interface enabled us to improve the user interface for our users. The new interface is now live and we would like to get your feedback. We are excited about the new format as we have been working on the interface for the last couple of weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

The site layout is still the same, but we have incorporated the following improvements:

  1. We have changed the hosted server to a more modern and powerful server and added a second domain.
  2. Each site now has a SSL certificate which allow access on https, which are more secure.
  3. Page refreshing time has dramatically been improved as we have changed the page update structure significantly.
  4. Aircraft sections remain active between window. This improves the user experience as users will normally work on the same aircraft between multiple windows.
  5. Reports will now open on a second window tab, which will allow you to open more than one report or continue working while a report is loading in the background.
  6. Report processing time has been reduced as we have streamlined the amount of data transferred especially on longer reports.

We have also added a dashboard feature on the home page. This will display interesting information about AMP and specific status information to give a quick overview of the aircraft linked to a user login.

The dashboard shows user specific information related to AMP Renewal dates, aircraft usage capturing and aircraft when last maintenance was captured on aircraft components. The existing domain: amp.avdex.co.za is still functional, but a second site has been added: avdexamp.co.za. Click here to visit the new site now.


One of the functions of maintenance planning is to be able to forecast items and tasks becoming due at a future date or time. The time can be aircraft hours, cycles or landings, engines hours or cycles as well as a date for calendar limited items.

In preparing a work pack of due items, it is essential to clear items that will become due before the next anticipated schedules inspection. AMP enables users to do this by calculating the average usage of the aircraft and its components, based on the immediate past usage stored in AMP. When printing AMP status reports, Due item lists and Due task cards, it is essential to use the calculate button to reset all due times for components. Users then select the report time period for the forecast ie 1 Month, 2 Months 6 Months or 12 Months to cover the period till the next foreseen scheduled maintenance.

Sometimes however, an aircraft may be about to be placed in service where the average usage will increase (or decrease) substantially from the recorded values. AMP users are able to reset the average usage to a pre-set value for the reports.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Usage window in the AMP interface.
  2. Select the aircraft from the dropdown, and select the ‘Set Average Usage’ tick box.
  3. Enter the expected average monthly usage in the value fields.
  4. Press the ‘Submit Usage Averages to database’ button.
  5. Press the ‘Calculate All Due Dates’ button.
  6. Go to ‘Reports and print the desired reports.

All due times will be based on the new average usage values entered. Calendar based tasks will always be due by the elapsed calendar time. Hour, Cycle and Landing Tasks will now be forecast by the Average usage as entered.

For those Tasks which are due by Hour, Cycle or Landing and Date, and the H/C/L task is forecast is due after the Calendar due date, the Calendar due date will be used as due date. If the H/C/L Task is before the Calendar due date, both dates will be shown as the H/C/L task is the first limiter and can change due to varying usage.

To reset Average Usage to AMP calculated values, recalculate due time or add new usage.



Avdex staff have just returned from a successful sales and training visit to Gaborone, the capital and aviation center of Botswana.


With the growth of aviation in Botswana, the industry has seen the addition of new training schools, transport tourist companies and AMO’s.


Avdex staff conducted training with the staff of Aviation Maintenance Center, Major Blue Aviation, and Flying Mission, all of which provide pilot training as part of government sponsored programs to provide additional qualified aviation personnel.


Avdex provide workshop administration and aircraft maintenance tracking software to the aviation industry and are pleased to be associated with the expansion of aviation in Botswana


Avdex have added an upgrade to the Compliance window.

To aid the capture of Tasks on the schedules, Avdex have added a tree view of the entire schedule for the component selected.  Users may paste the Task name (or partial name) or ShareID in the new search field. When found, the icon to the left of the relevant chapter will change to that of a closed book.  Click on the icon and the tree will expand, showing any or all tasks fitting the search.

Click on any task shown and the correct ShareID will be entered into the ‘ShareID’ field, ready for maintenance capture.  Select the chain link icon to see previous compliance or select the ’i’  icon to see the task detail.  This will assist users in selecting the correct task as well as selecting tasks to be made not applicable.



The AVDEX Team