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Skyhawk Aviation joins the AVDEX ‘family’

Avdex are happy to welcome Skyhawk Aviation as an AMP user.  Skyhawk have selected Avdex AMP to fulfill the mandatory obligations of an aircraft operator (AOC) in tracking the maintenance requirements of their aircraft. AVDEX is the largest dedicated maintenance tracking facility in Southern Africa.
Skyhawk provides the full portfolio of aviation training at Lanseria Airport, the hub of General Aviation in southern Africa, using Cessna 172 and Piper Cherrokee aircraft, which are the international staple of ab-initio flight training.  As these aircraft have high utilisation, they require constant and accurate tracking of all maintenance requirements from routine inspections to engine overhauls and component replacements.
Avdex have emerged over the past three years as an independent, objective and affordable tracking service for operators of all types of aircraft used in Southern Africa.

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