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AMP Single usage recording

One of the major functions in the AVDEX AMP program is the use of single usage records for aircraft. In short an aircraft will have fixed Flight Hours/Flight Cycles/Landings for specific days. There may also be differing Flight Hours for various times of that day. When capturing Scheduled compliance, this is of the utmost importance to ensure accurate records are entered.
A new client recently made the statement that if a scheduled Task is calendar limited, the Flight Hours are irrelevant. This is not strictly true. As a quality function, it is always important to know the Flight time of the aircraft as of that date. In capturing a large number of aircraft on to the AMP database, we have often struggled in allocating the correct compliance due to inadequate records. In competitor’s databases and especially Excel, we have found wildly differing Flight hours linked to a specific date due to the records being entered individually. Avdex AMP will always use the last previous Flight Hours when a date of compliance is entered. This is important when an aircraft has stood on the ground for a long period of time.
This makes compliance capture in AMP easier and more accurate as only the Date of compliance (and time if multiple flights per day) need be entered. The program will select the date record and apply the correct Flight Hours/Cycles/Landings to the tsk compliance.
Should incorrect Flight Hours/Cycles/Landings be entered on a day, Avdex AMP is able to recalculate compliance due times when the correct times are entered. Contact Avdex for this.

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