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AMS III Clients go Online

Clients started conversion

Our first AMS clients moved over to the web based AMS III.  It is with great excitement that the Avdex staff gave training and watched anxiously as the first clients converted.  Conversion of the old data went smoothly, and the new clients were quickly up and running.

Adapting to the new interface

The basic program flow remained the same and this is valuable for users to understand the structure of new AMSIII.  The user interface is different, and we were surprised to see how quickly new users adapted to the new interface.  Avdex focused during the new design to repeat the user interaction through the various web pages.  This has the advantage that the learning experience is much quicker.

AMS as industry standard

AMS became an industry standard over the years.  The industry did change, and new requirements were regularly implemented in AMS.  Over time it was evident that the original AMS structure requires some redesign to accommodate new features.  The new AMS is a product of a 4-year development process to incorporate the latest programming trends as well as new features to improve the user experience and support AMO’s in their goals.

Conversion process

The conversion process starts with cleaning of the existing AMS database.  This is followed by a trial conversion and staff training.  Staff is now able to work on actual data in a test environment to get familiar with the new AMS III.  This is then followed up by a live conversion to AMS III.  The old data is still available in old AMS as reference, but this database is now static.  All old data is also accessible in AMS III after the conversion and users can continue where they left off.

How to proceed

A conversion schedule has been implemented by Avdex due to the training time required.   Contact Avdex to schedule your conversion.

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