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AMS Redesigned for the cloud

Motivation to redesign

The Avdex Aircraft Maintenance Software (AMS) program has long been the standard in AMO management in Southern Africa. Although the program has been stable and mature for a number of years, the database platform is somewhat outdated and limiting for any new developments. Avdex took the decision to rewrite the application in 2016 to make use of the latest technologies available. This was driven by concerns and the need to implement new features while keeping up with industry requirements and expectations. Development was completed at the end of 2018 and extensive testing and fine tuning has been done in 2019. It is with great excitement that we are now ready to roll this out live.

New Features

The main difference is that the program is now web based on central servers. This allows the utilization of powerful SQL database engines with regular backups at 15 minutes intervals. All data storage and archive materials are stored in a secure cloud storage facility. The cloud-based application removes the dependence on user maintenance of the program and database. Users are also not limited to on site access of AMS as log in can be done from anywhere, if they have access to the internet. The cloud-based data also allows for the incorporation of mobile phones with internet access. Users can for example book in and out of tasks with their mobile phone, scan inventory bar codes to check stock or issue parts to a Task Card.
Work pack (job) history is now maintained, even if the aircraft hours and cycles increased since the completion of the Work pack. Recording of workers time has been greatly improved with additional functionality. A number of new levels of control have been implemented to make AMS more flexible to for different requirements.
The new AMS interface is modern with various cross-linking options where the work-flow requires users to jump from purchase orders to stores, task cards or back. Avdex have maintained the same AMO management concepts as the previous version.

Migration to the new system

It is recommended that the AMS data is moved in two phases, firstly to allow users to test the new interface and get familiar with the new environment, while maintaining the old program use and data. Once users are ready, the latest data can be converted to make the new AMS live. Please contact Avdex if you are interested testing and evaluation.
Development has stopped on the old AMS and support as well as access to old AMS will be discontinued by end 2023.  This gives all customers enough time to plan the conversion and associated training.

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