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FFA Aviation contracts with AVDEX

Avdex teams up with Kishugu’s FFA Aviation to track the maintenance requirements of the fire fighting operations fleet of aircraft.  The word Kishugu is the Swahili word for an anthill.  The company has its roots in forest and wildfire fighting, suppression and prevention.

Lace Illusion Bateau Neck Cap Sleeve A-line Soft Net Wedding DressWith a fleet of 14  Bell ‘Huey’ helicopters, 5 Air Tractor 802 fire bombers and 10 Cessna ‘Spotters’, the company provides aerial fire-fighting support to Working on Fire (WoF), as part of the South African Government’s initiative to create jobs and to alleviate poverty.

AVDEX staff have made two trips to Nelspruit to assist the AMO  in capturing all the requirements made by the manufacturers and certifying authorities and to train personnel in the use of the system.
With AVDEX AMP, the locally based online maintenance tracking service, the company is assured of up to date and reliable reporting of their aircraft maintenance status.

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