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AMS III – Update summary

Avdex release the latest update of AMSIII software today.  Changes incorporate various cosmetic changes and corrections, as well as some functional improvements.

Latest Updates

  • Purchase Order Page. Users were able to generate errors when new records are created and not all the basic fields were populated.  All error checking on Purchase order pages were improved to give a more user friendly interface.
  • All critical transactions, changing or editing sensitive data are logged to an audit trail for future reference. The entries and descriptions of the audit trail transactions were improved.
  • The Work Pack set of documents did not include a selling (invoice) summary report. This has been added to all Work Pack reports.  A new report QC20 will now be part of the Work Pack report.  This report contains no additional data but summarises the selling prices from the existing reports.
  • Admin staff can “Unauthorise” a Purchase Order. We found that his function was abused, and the audit trail was compromised.  The functionality has been retained, but users must first return any parts or services from the inventory to the Supplier before an order can be “Unauthorised”.  This can be done from the Purchase order page, then select the Inventory Quick tab and return to supplier.
  • Aircraft can now be defined as non-type certified (NTCA). This will result in the correct annual report to be generated as specified for NTCA aircraft in South Africa.  Other countries will be added if and when required.

Older Updates

Avdex included a number of recent additions, already included in the program.

  • The report page now includes various export options. This has been added for users wishing to export data to other applications or financial programs.
  • In order to export all relevant invoice information, a VAT field was added to the GRV document. This VAT value is not used in AMP, but retained for exporting GRV information accurately.
  • Context sensitive help has been linked to all pages. The help content is an ongoing process and users are welcome to give us feedback or requests in this regard.

New Functionality

  • Avdex is busy implementing a Quotation functionality into AMS III. This option is not yet available as we are still busy with the debugging and evaluation process.  This update does already include all the file structures into AMS III.  Linking a Work Pack to a Fixed Price quotation will change the way that selling is calculated.

Avdex Team

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