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AMP Compliance Certification Archive

AMP – Aircraft Compliance Certification Archive Service

The Avdex Aircraft Maintenance Planning (AMP) system recently added a facility to allow the online archiving of aircraft related documents from within the application.  This is a unique service and users quickly started to realize the value of such an archive service.

The logical next step is to keep individual task card compliance certificates also in the archive.  Users can upload proof of compliance to the archive from within the program.  These documents can then be downloaded at any time when the certificate is required.

Record keeping is often a problem when an aircraft changes owner or AMO.  The ability to track a specific compliance certificate is a capability that will be difficult to achieve with any manual archive system.  When an aircraft changes hands this archive history can be transferred with the aircraft to the new owners.  As tasks are linked to the individual components, the certificates remain linked to the component, even if it is moved to another aircraft.

The certificate uploading and downloading is maintained by the AMP user directly and documents can be added at any time.  The certificate will automatically expire when new compliance is recorded, but the document will be maintained as an older revision of the relevant task.  Older documents will be available on request.

Due to the critical nature of these documents, a secure cloud server has been selected for storage of this data.  Although the upload process has a practical size restriction, the total available space for the aircraft archive is unlimited.   The archive facility is immediately available to all existing users.

Contact Avdex at to get more information on the implementation of an aircraft archive.

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