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AMR – Aircraft Maintenance & Reliability Implemented

AMR – Aircraft Maintenance & Reliability Implemented


Avdex is implementing a system to keep track of aircraft reliability in order to assist clients with better information to manage their aircraft fleet.  Aircraft Maintenance & Reliability (AMR) is defined by a number of factors related to the aircraft usage and scheduled as well as unscheduled maintenance.  Most of the information required is already captured in the two main Avdex packages; AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Planning) and AMS (Aircraft Maintenance Software) and it makes sense to combine the information for the clients.

User Interface

Minor changes in the existing programs are already incorporated into AMP and AMS to share data between the programs.  This is done by linking aircraft components between AMP and AMS.  The component linking allows the sharing of task scheduling and maintenance tasks.

Existing AMP users will notice that aircraft usage now has an optional new field to identify maintenance as “In” or “Out” of service.  Users can record the usage as “Out of Service” when maintenance starts and then record another usage as “In Service” when the aircraft is returned to service.   This will provide statistics on the “Out of Service” times.  Users can go back historically and record “Out of Service” usage dates as all existing AMP usage defaulted to “In Service” usage.

Although this field is available to all clients, it is not compulsory and the information in this new field has no influence on the existing AMP maintenance planning functionality.  The default is set as “In Service”


AMP and AMS clients can select to include this service as an additional option.  To use Aircraft Reliability (AMR) users must be an AMP client, being an AMS client would provide addition detail information to the reliability statistics of the aircraft.

AMR will be gradually implemented following this first phase to record “Out of Service” times.  User input is welcomed at this stage.

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