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AMS III Program Updates – July 2022

Please take note of the updates that are currently live on the AMS server.  These were based on user requests and ways to improve the user experience.

  • Quotation page will retain the selected customer once the Work Pack is opened.
  • AMP tasks imported to AMSIII will now be be sorted according to component and chapter sequence as defined in the relevant AMP schedule
  • Store Parts now provide a field for customs codes or HS Code.  If available, this will be displayed on the purchase order.
  • We have implemented a new report under the Work Pack Page for customers to authorize work packs.  The report number is “amsJob_007 Client Authorise”.  Contract Terms and Conditions can be added and edited in the parameters page.
  • Dates Button under System Reports now shows pop-up calendar to simplify the selection of the period dates.
  • New Task Cards:
    • will automatically be linked to the airframe component of the aircraft.
    • will automatically be linked to the ‘No Link’ option.
  • Labour, Inventory and Services can now be calculated individually on a Work Pack without affecting any prior selling adjustments made to Sections not being calculated.
  • Rotable Purchase order functionality has been improved.
  • It is now possible to upload myTime in bulk for a specific date. This is an alternative to uploading the myTime per engineer, on a selected date.
  • Work Pack Parts Report will identify Rotable parts as such and the relevant SN(s) applicable.

We trust that these changes will improve the AMS III user experience, please feel free to report any functionality, not working as expected.

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