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AVDEX Client Support

AVDEX Client Support

Structuring Support

The growing number of AVDEX users has raised the need of a more formal method of client support.  WhatsApp messages are simply not good enough in providing professional support to ensure that all queries are properly handled.

New User Interface

Avdex has implemented Support Request for both AMP and AMS. The Support Request function is reached by opening the ‘Contact’ selection of each application.   The form is designed to simplify and standardise support requests.  Users can select from a dropdown list of basic options and provide an explanation of the support requested.

What to Provide

An option is included to attach a document in order to illustrate the request.  This can be a screen capture or other format, relevant to the query.  Only relevant information should be provided, as a 70-page document will not add much value.  Personal information need not be included, as this is automatically added to the support request.

Error Reporting

The Support Request should be specific, especially when an error is reported.   Errors must be able to be re- reproduced before they can be fixed.

Comments should include:

  • Is the issue random or can it be repeated every time?
  • Is the issue linked to a specific user, printer, or computer?
  • Is the issue linked to a specific item ie Work Pack, Aircraft etc?
  • Is this a new error or did it work previously?
  • What troubleshooting if any was carried out to resolve the issue?
  • If the issue is with CAA, please provide full CAA comment and reasons.

How the support request works

The help request will be logged on an AVDEX Project board as a Support Task.  The advantage is that all staff have access and are able to respond to the request.  The request progress can be tracked, and the possibility of tasks being overlooked is limited.  A copy of the request will be emailed to the sender for confirmation.

Please use this interface to improve Avdex product support. This will also allow the identifying of recurring requests, which will improve the program and training.

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