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Avdex during lockdown

Avdex support during the lock down

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages the world and disrupts business, we have seen the aviation industry take a disproportionate hit.  Many companies have closed as they are unable to function due to the lock down restrictions, and some have continued on reduced staff to keep essentials functioning.  We particularly salute those of our clients who operate essential services and selfishly continue to work for the greater good.

Avdex went into voluntary isolation a week prior to the national lock down and thanks to the discipline and dedication of our staff have continued to work from home to maintain the data required to ensure that client’s aircraft maintenance tracking is kept up to date. Support for our AMO’s is also ongoing.

All Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Manual revisions are continually monitored to ensure that clients are made aware of any changes which will have airworthiness implications on their aircraft.  Existing maintenance schedules are being revisited to check that they reflect the airworthiness requirements of the aircraft and substantiating documentation linked where applicable.

New features in AMP are being rolled out, allowing the linking of multiple original documents to tasks.  This allows AD’s to have the relative SB attached as well as a corresponding AD from another certifying authority.

Avdex is available to support all our clients as they prepare to restart their business and can be contacted on cell phones, WhatsApp or Skype.

  • For AMP, contact Tania on +27 73 454 7809
  • For AMSlll contact Alexis on +27 64 600 5337
  • For AMS32 contact Len on +27 83 268 8838
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