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Avdex AMSlll Upgrade

May 2023 AMSIII Update:

  • Wording on South African Aircraft Task Card was changed to the latest SACAA Requirements:

I hereby certify that I am satisfied that the above aircraft and related systems are in every way safe for flight and that all maintenance has been carried out in accordance with the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011, and its approved maintenance programme.

  • Please take note that AMSIII is now running on Visual Studio 2022 with new report options.  Clients will now have the option to print directly to their printer instead of first exporting to PDF.
  • Speed improvements have been made to Part search and selection for larger databases.
  • Avdex Admin user will now be able to assist Users with relinking an Aircraft to a country.
  • Users who do not have access to JobManage and PersManage will not be able to see costs of Labour, Services and Inventory on any Work Pack or Task Card reports.
  • Avdex has included two new reports to filter on Suppliers with AMO numbers and Certification References.  Users will now be able to print these reports to distinguish between AMO service providers and other suppliers
  • In the situation where a part value is 0.00 but freight is applicable upon receipt, the freight will be divided equally between the total line items on the Purchase Order.
  • Maintenance Manual Revisions are limited to a minimum of 3 characters.  Avdex has included a notification should the revision number not meet the requirements. Avdex suggests prefixing a revision number with “REV-“.
  • The planned date on the Purchase Order page can now be edited in the Purchase Order detail.  This will apply the date to all line items on the Purchase Order.
  • AMSIII Part release certificate template has been updated to meet SACAA requirements.

New to AMSIII:  Transpose Function

Avdex has introduced a new Transpose function to assist AMSIII customers in moving parts between linked databases.  This functionality has the same principles and concepts as the Consignment function that was available in AMS32.

The option is not enabled by default and a request must be made to Avdex by both the database administrators.  Linking will then be done specifically between these databases.

Please contact Avdex should you require any further information or if you require database linking.

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