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Working with Parts Batch & Serial Numbers

Identification Requirement

The ability to uniquely identify parts is critical when traceability is required. AMS III is providing users a number of options to track parts through the allocation of a batch or serial number. This is linked to the part and traceable through the store from receipt to a Task card in Work Pack.

Assigning the Batch or Serial number

The normal work method requires the batch or serial number to be allocated when the part is received into the store. No limitations or validation is done on the serial or batch number provided. Users must ensure that a proper standard procedure is defined for each AMO.
The recommended method is to ensure that a serial number is used when a serial number is provided for the part. In situations where unique traceability is required, users can allocate a “batch number” number in the serial number field to ensure traceability.
If the user does not a allocate any information in the batch/serial number field, a unique batch ID will be assigned by the program to this field. This will ensure that all parts are uniquely identified. This automatic batch id number is non sequential, but unique.

Splitting groups

Multiple items ordered on a purchase order line item. These will by default be treated as a batch including all the items. This might be acceptable for some items. If the group must be uniquely identified, (i.e. Tyres) users have the option to split the batch when capturing the parts. The program will then auto allocate a unique set of batch numbers to this group if the user has not entered individual serial numbers.


It is important to note that the batch/serial number field is not validated. The content provided by the user is accepted as is. Only when the field is left empty, will a unique value be assigned by the program.


When a consignment entry has been completed, all the relevant Inventory labels will be printed when the GRV is printed. Labels printed for all part batches will include the assigned batch/serial number on the label. The Barcode identifies this unique inventory entry for traceability.

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